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Joanne Gillespie

Qualified English Solicitor who practiced maritime law in London before moving to the United States in 1999. She is an experienced, licensed marine claims adjustor and has coordinated the investigation and adjusting of a variety of third party claims, including collision, pollution, cargo damage, and personal injury cases with emphasis not only on US matters, but also Caribbean, Central and South American based claims. She coordinates surveys with specialists and oversees reporting, especially of more complex matters. She works closely with leading underwriters to fulfill their surveying needs, handles marketing, acting as client liaison and is the manager of the 3D Marine USA, Inc. Florida office. 

Charles Gillespie

Licensed Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Professional Engineer, Bachelor of Science in Ocean Engineering with over 18 years of experience in support of maritime industries. He has shipboard and offshore experience including numerous marine salvage projects and offshore tanker mooring installations worldwide. He is a Senior Engineer/Naval Architect who has performed analyses and calculations in support of mooring, lightering, ballasting, drydocking, and trim and stability. He has experience with on-site management, HAZMAT remediation, vessel structural and stability limits, and liaising with domestic and international regulatory and government agencies. He is the principal surveyor in the Florida office, with experience in a variety of cargo and vessel surveys.