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Yaritza Alvarez

Office Manager. Experienced with the inspection of raw cotton bales coming from the USA and Paraguay. She has worked inspecting all types of containers and has experience with agriculture and chemical imports/exports. She coordinates and assigns surveys related to P&I and other matters and is responsible for the marketing of the Venezuelan operations of the company. Bilingual.

Peter Giron

Master Mariner. Bachelor in Nautical Science. 15 years seagoing experience from Third Officer to Master, serving on various classes of vessels, including General Cargo, Containers and Petroleum Tankers. He has performed various types of marine surveys, marine technical inspections, P&I surveys, safety inspections, cargo loss control surveys, collision surveys, supervision of loading/discharge operations of general cargoes, and damage surveys of ship/shore installations. Bilingual.

Kelvin Urdaneta

Certificate of Competence as Chief Officer. Served on petroleum tankers. Primarily engaged in Loss Control during oil custody transfers. Carries out a verity of general/bulk cargo surveys, Direct Reduced Iron shipments, collisions, personal injury, damage to shore installations and ship repair, stowaways, groundings, supervision of oil pollution occurrence, condition surveys, on/off hire surveys, heavy lifts, pre-load/outturn surveys of steel products, bunker claims, and contamination investigations. Bilingual.