Marine Engineering


• Structural
• Mechanical
• Piping
• Electrical
• Control and Instrumentation

Expert marine engineering surveyors will attend on site in response to situations to identify the root cause of a casualty or make recommendations to avoid future casualties.

All our surveyors have experience and training in a broad range of disciplines training including railroad, marine and electrical with concentrated specialties such as marine engineering equipment, machinery, collisions and salvage. Our range of experience includes surveying machinery component damages such as failures of ships hull structures, crankshafts, liners, pistons, fuel systems, turbochargers, boilers, turbines, gearboxes, electrical and cargo fires, refrigeration equipment, fuel oil bunker and combustion problems, fuel analysis laboratory surveys and more. Additionally, we have experience in transport and shipping of Nuclear Power Equipment Cargos and the packaging and securing requirements of such equipment.