Seeking Qualified Marine Surveyor


MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Licensed Senior Officer (Deck or Engine)


  • Minimum Five (5) Years Master / Chief Engineer Experience on Deep Sea Vessels
  • Tanker Certification
  • Bachelor’s Degree (or equivalent) from Accredited Institution
  • Prior Work History in Shipyard Services or Maritime Regulatory/Safety Compliance


  • Inspect cargo of sea-going vessels to ascertain condition prior to loading or discharge; including crude oil, petroleum products, chemicals, bulk, break-bulk, special project cargo, and containerized cargo.
  • Provide general survey services and assist in negotiating claims in maritime casualty and pollution cases.
  • Advise vessels on stowing and securing all types of cargo, including special project cargo.
  • Inspect the hull, machinery and equipment of vessels following shipping casualties and submit unbiased report and repair recommendations to insurance carriers.
  • Provide unbiased expert witness testimony, based on practical maritime experience and training, for litigation concerning vessel/cargo condition, navigation issues and personal injury matters.

SALARY: Negotiable. Commensurate with Experience.