New Maritime Professional

3D Marine USA, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of Capt. Vikas Chaudhary to our staff in Houston, Texas. The shale-gas revolution in the United States has fundamentally transformed the world energy market. With Ethane, LPG & LNG export projects gathering momentum in the U.S Gulf Coast; we have been looking for experienced maritime professionals to join our team in Houston.

Capt. Chaudhary brings with him 28 years of experience in LPG, LNG, Oil & Chemicals, including 10 years in command of Large Vessels, both Crude and Gas Carriers. Additionally Capt. Chaudhary has been responsible for Port Operations (Europe & Asia) and oversight of LNG marine terminals. He has acted as a Marine Advisor for LPG and LNG operations for a large US major oil company. During his time in command, he carried out numerous gas carrier operations, loading/ discharging, sparging, warming up, inerting, gas freeing, gassing up and cooling down, ship to ship liquefied gas transfer operations and preparations for dry-docking/ undocking. He also has experience in chartering of oil tankers, gas tankers and bulk carriers for worldwide trading.

We look forward to utilizing Capt. Chaudhary’s expertise in a rapidly growing segment of the maritime industry to better serve the needs of our clients.