Maritime Experts

Experienced Master Mariners and Senior Officers and a widely respected team of Marine Engineers and Naval Architects are at the disposal of our clients.
As a client, you can rest assured that highly qualified and reliable personnel will be protecting your interests.
Should any claim result in litigation, you will have the ability to utilize the services of our senior personnel, all of whom have been called upon to serve as expert witnesses in numerous cases.

David Scruton

Master Mariner (Unlimited), BSc, MNI, M.C.I.T., 16 years practical seagoing experience up to and including Master, sailing on general cargo, heavy lift, bulk carriers, container vessels and offshore supply vessels (OSV), including towing and anchor handling. Appointed on numerous occasions as a Maritime Operations and Safety Expert. Experienced in all aspects of maritime inspections and claims. He is also qualified by The Texas Department of Wildlife as a Boaters Education instructor and experienced with pleasure craft, including jet skis and sailboats. He is on the Board of Directors for the Houston Maritime Arbitrators Association and has also acted as a Substitute Custodian during detainment of a vessel.

David Marsh

F.N.I. – British Master’s License with 26 years seagoing experience, including ten years in command, crude oil, product and specialized tankers, OBO vessels, gas carriers, bulk container and general cargo vessels. Specialist in pollution management, monitoring and auditing of costs, as well as with hazardous materials. He has represented clients in court and in depositions in UK and USA. Appointed as Arbitrator under AAA rules and is a member of the Houston Maritime Arbitrators Association.

Rishad Alikhan

Experienced with insurance investigations and container surveys, including wine, fruit and other foodstuff. Also experienced with transfer of residence damage surveys, including artwork and other personal collectables.  He is an arbitrator with the Houston Maritime Arbitrators Association. He is familiar with special project cargo loading and discharge operations. Additionally, he has experience in serving as a substitute custodian for arrested vessels in  coordination with the US Marshal Service. 

Keith Reay

C.ENG., MIMARE, MCME, MIEE, AMS – Chief Engineer with University Degree in Engineering, served sea time as Ship’s Chief Engineer and shore time as Ship’s Superintendent and Fleet Manager, experienced in all vessel types, including LPG. He is also experienced in assessment of marine equipment and condition, cranes, wharves, jetties, collision damages, fire investigations, condition and valuation surveys. He has represented clients in court and in depositions and is a member of Houston Maritime Arbitrators Association.

Marc Fazioli

USCG Licensed Master, BSc – Marine Transportation (25 years experience in the maritime industry). Served in all positions from Deckhand to Master on a variety of vessels, including Tankers, Geared Bulkers, Container Ships, Car Carriers, Research Ships, Tugs & Passenger Vessels. He also served as the Harbor Pilot for U.S. Government & Commercial Vessels calling the Port of Kwajalein, RMI. He specializes in oil/chemical matters, has extensive experience with bulk cargoes and steel products, and carries out vessel condition surveys for major P&I Clubs.  He has been appointed as Consultant & Expert Witness, testifying in both State & Federal Courts.

Elliott Tulloch

U.S.C.G. Licensed Master. BSc, Cum Laude, Marine Transportation; Bachelor of Arts, Mathematics and Philosophy, 20 years experience in the maritime industry, including general cargoes, fruit and foodstuffs, tanker operations, salvage, towing, aids to navigation & hydrographic surveys. He has carried out surveys, & investigations of collisions, groundings, sinkings, pollution, personal injuries, fatalities, engineering casualties, steel, grain, petroleum, cotton, pharmaceutical & chemical cargoes, condition & valuation surveys, on/off hire surveys, & safety surveys of polar passenger vessels.  Qualified by the Texas Department of Wildlife as a Boater Education instructor. He has represented clients in court & in depositions. He is an arbitrator with the Houston Maritime Arbitrators Association. 

Joanne Gillespie

Qualified English Solicitor who practiced maritime law in London before moving to the United States in 1999. She is an experienced, licensed marine claims adjustor and has coordinated the investigation and adjusting of a variety of third party claims, including collision, pollution, cargo damage, and personal injury cases with emphasis not only on US matters, but also Caribbean, Central and South American based claims. She coordinates surveys with specialists and oversees reporting, especially of more complex matters. She works closely with leading underwriters to fulfill their surveying needs, handles marketing, acting as client liaison and is the manager of the 3D Marine USA, Inc. Florida office. 

Martin Gee

BSc Marine Engineering and Naval Architecture ,United Kingdom Chief Engineers Unlimited Certificate (Steam and Motor) . Sailed as Chief Engineer and experienced with all major vessel types including cruise passenger vessels. Spent 5 years as Ships Superintendent and Technical Manager. Extensive offshore surveying and vessel new construction experience being employed for 20 years as an American Bureau of Shipping (ABS ) Senior Surveyor in the Morgan City and Houma Port Offices.
He has carried out surveys, & investigations of collisions, groundings, sinking’s, pollution, personal injuries, fatalities, engineering casualties, steel, grain, petroleum, cotton, pharmaceutical & chemical cargoes, condition & valuation surveys and on/off hire surveys. Qualified by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries as a Boater Education instructor. He has represented clients as an expert legal witness.

Syed Aazid Ali

Certificate of Competency as Master Mariner (Unlimited) with Dangerous Goods Endorsement. He has 32 years practical seagoing experience. He has served on a variety of vessel types, including general cargo, bulk carrier, container ships & tankers. He is experienced in contamination & loss control of liquid cargoes, & conducting structural damage surveys. He has hands on expertise in the areas of ship operations/management, safety procedures & implementation on board ships.

Phiroz Engineer

Holds an Unlimited Master’s Certificate of Competency, Class I. He has sailed as Master on various tankers for approximately eight (8) years. He has more than 30 years experience in the Maritime Industry, sailing on oil Tankers, both Crude & Product carriers, Oil/Bulk/Ore carriers, Ro-Ro vessels, & Chemical carriers, & has experience with a wide variety of other vessels & cargo types.

Charles Gillespie

Licensed Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Professional Engineer, Bachelor of Science in Ocean Engineering with over 18 years of experience in support of maritime industries. He has shipboard and offshore experience including numerous marine salvage projects and offshore tanker mooring installations worldwide. He is a Senior Engineer/Naval Architect who has performed analyses and calculations in support of mooring, lightering, ballasting, drydocking, and trim and stability. He has experience with on-site management, HAZMAT remediation, vessel structural and stability limits, and liaising with domestic and international regulatory and government agencies. He is the principal surveyor in the Florida office, with experience in a variety of cargo and vessel surveys.

Yaritza Alvarez

Office Manager. Experienced with the inspection of raw cotton bales coming from the USA and Paraguay. She has worked inspecting all types of containers and has experience with agriculture and chemical imports/exports. She coordinates and assigns surveys related to P&I and other matters and is responsible for the marketing of the Venezuelan operations of the company. Bilingual.

Peter Giron

Master Mariner. Bachelor in Nautical Science. 15 years seagoing experience from Third Officer to Master, serving on various classes of vessels, including General Cargo, Containers and Petroleum Tankers. He has performed various types of marine surveys, marine technical inspections, P&I surveys, safety inspections, cargo loss control surveys, collision surveys, supervision of loading/discharge operations of general cargoes, and damage surveys of ship/shore installations. Bilingual.

Kelvin Urdaneta

Certificate of Competence as Chief Officer. Served on petroleum tankers. Primarily engaged in Loss Control during oil custody transfers. Carries out a verity of general/bulk cargo surveys, Direct Reduced Iron shipments, collisions, personal injury, damage to shore installations and ship repair, stowaways, groundings, supervision of oil pollution occurrence, condition surveys, on/off hire surveys, heavy lifts, pre-load/outturn surveys of steel products, bunker claims, and contamination investigations. Bilingual.